This will be the finest sizing die you have ever used.

100% CNC Machined Die. 

Expander Rod with removable pin. Drop in Tighten cap and Resize your 223 or 556 Brass. Decap while resizing or unscrew the pin and resize without Decapping. 

No Tools Required..

Features you should know about.

Properly lubed there should never be a stuck case. The machining Tolerances are .001+- That means the die won’t cant in the toolhead threads and the sizing bore is perfectly centered. Little run out. Maybe none at all depending on the press toolhead threads.

1. No tools required.

2. Heat Treated Tool Steel Die Body.

3. Polished Sizing Bore.
4. All Tolerances are .001 +-
5. No thread wobble
6. Perfectly centered vertical alignment.
7. Will Feed, Fire and eject from any rifle chamber.

8. Pin is removable so you can decap and size or remove the pin and just size with the pointer screwed into the rod. Our sizing shaft and neck expander is above the pin and integral to the shaft.

9. Expander shaft is CNC Machined pre heat treated Tool Steel. 


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