I will make several videos outlining my process from step 1 which is here. If you are picking up range brass or reloading your own brass or factory ammo, step 1 for me is universal decapping which removes the primers so the wet tumbling process is able to clean the cases inside and out as well as the

Forming 300blk brass from once fired 223 and after 700 rounds it's still going strong!

A close look at the Mighty Armory depriming and swaging die. Setup on the Hornady Iron Press depriming and swaging Lake City 7.62x51 cases. Made in the USA. "Worlds toughest depriming and swaging dies"

Setting up the AP press with the new Hornady upgrade kit for the AP Lock and Load.

Mighty Armory makes the strongest and most well made decapping / swaging dies out there. I have actually in another video drove one of their decapping pin through a 9mm case with a hammer without any damage. Their dies work both as a decapper and swager both in one die body and can be switched from one

U.S. National Champion and professional competition shooter Chris Tilley discusses the new Mark 7 Revolution® loading press

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