Mighty Armory has proven to be the toughest universal decapping die in the industry. Our dies withstand the pressures from automated presses across America every day. When used on Lever Presses the chances of our pin failing are slim to none.

The Magnum is 100% Universal and designed for use on all presses from the lightest to the heaviest. Now for use on AP & Automated Drive Presses, Single Stage, Turrets and all others out there. "The “BLUE" is now part of the Magnum Series, all capable of decapping a 380 all the way up to a 338 or even a Rem. Ultra Mag and larger.


Made in the USA.


Capable of Reloading 3500 Rounds per Hour.





Step 1 of my brass process and a review of the mighty armory decapping die

I will make several videos outlining my process from step 1 which is here. If you are picking up range brass or reloading your own brass or factory ammo, step 1 for me is universal

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Mighty Armory Universal decapping die rocks!

Forming 300blk brass from once fired 223 and after 700 rounds it's still going strong!

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I got my depriming/swaging set shortly after they went into full production. I haven't used any other die since! Tight tolerances, tough, and it just works!
I've tried a number of different decapping dies and really like the Mighty Armory design. The screw top allows for a quick pin change when they break. I've sometimes decapped 20k+ cases on a progressive press before that happens.
Bought the best and said goodbye to j-hooked decapping pins! Perfect design, so simple to setup and use! If you are looking for a universal decapper this is the ONLY choice!
Wayne is a great guy to deal with. His products are top notch and so is the customer service. I have the depriming/ swage die for the Lee classic turret and it works just like I hoped it would.
Found this company via Instagram. Having just picked up a mark 7 equipped Dillon 1050, I knew I needed a "legit" Decapping die. Having seen "the blue" on Instagram and it's consistent, strength, and value.....I knew I needed to get myself one. I was up near Cranston Rhode island doing some contracting and I talked to Wayne about picking one up. He shipped it to my hotel for free the next day!! Amazing service, amazing's a no-brainer. I will be doing business with MA again in the future. I have no doubt in that.
Bought a decapper/swager setup to try with my .223's. They come out like butter! Will not use any other decapping setup now and my swaging machine is now collecting dust! No more fighting or breaking decapping pins! Just ordered one for my 50bmg setup! Can't wait until it gets here!
Great product and great service. I definitely recommend their depriming tools.
The most well designed and easy to use universal decapping die I’ve ever used. Their heat treated pins are the strongest I’ve used, and will literary punch holes through berdan primers without bending or damaging the pin. I’m coming up on 100k rounds with the same pin!
Wonderful die set Wayne the owner is a great guy he will help you with anything you need. highly recommend you buy his die that works with your perfectly.
Dump all the rest and get the best. After several reloading sessions interrupted by my old Lee universal decapping dies due to bent pins and then ultimately a seized collet nut that prevented me from replacing the decapping pin I trashed the old die and ordered the Mighty armory. This product is top shelf quality and indestructible. A couple thousand cases deprimed through it already without a single hitch. Has a permanent spot atop my Redding T7 Turret Press.
Amazing product. Picked up the universal depriming and swaging die. Amazing quality. No more worrying about bending depriming tip rods. Top notch customer service. I couldn't have asked for more.
I'm not a magpie, so bright shiny things don't impress me much. On the other hand, Mighty Armory's universal decapping die is exactly as described, and a piece of jewelry as well. I ordered with an extra decapping pin, because who believes the hype? I might have saved my money because this thing is built like a brick ... (you know). Put it into my RockChucker, and ran a bunch of calibres through it ... and was very pleased with the results. This is a simple product, made well, and is exactly as described. I didn't *NEED* it, but I did *WANT* it, and now that I *HAVE* it ... I'd buy from Mighty Armory again. Waiting on their sizing/decappers to be announced, to upgrade my 9mm and .40S&W setups on my Dillon 550 and 650 but in the meanwhile, good product, good company and good value all around.
Rugged design and easy to use. A great addition to my reloading setup. Quick change from decapping or swaging pin is really nice.
Top quality product! Great customer service. Will be looking forward to purchasing more products as these guys make them. Highly recommend.
Awesome product amazing quality.
Decapping pin and die are rock solid! Been running mine on a progressive press and it hasn’t missed a beat. Mighty Armory is innovating reloading and I can’t wait to see what’s next.
Top quality and American made! Every reloader needs one of these on their press! Don’t bother wasting money on other universal decapping dies. Just get the best from the start and save yourself some frustration and money.

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